Road test appointments can now be made after any 5-hour class. We provide the earliest possible dates available...anywhere. You get written confirmation of your date, time, a list of materials needed to be brought with you to the test, and directions to your road test site.
All for the fee of only $15.

You can also call our office at (315) 732-5049 between 9 and 5 for a road test appointment. Please have ready your learners permit I.D. number and your 5-hour classroom I.D. number ready when calling. If desired, a credit card can be used for payment of the $15 fee and confirmation will be mailed to you.


  • Pre-licensing Course Certificate and Learner's Permit (to the road test site).

  • Appropriate vehicle that is registered, inspected and in safe operating condition. Accompanied by a licensed driver.

  • Junior Driver with permits issued on or after 9/1/2003 MUST also bring form MV262 filled out and signed by parent or guardian.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.



RoadTestPhotoFive Hour Pre-licensing MV-278 Course

Practice, Practice, Practice...

Most new drivers who fail their road tests were not adequately prepared. The Department of Motor Vehicles recommends that all learners have a minimum of 50 hours of supervised practice driving before they take their road tests, with at least 15 hours at night (after sunset). It is also recommended that at least 10 hours of supervised practice driving be in moderate to heavy traffic.

Professional driving instruction is recommended as well as a meticulous review of the Drivers Manual.

If you are under age 18 and have a Class DJ or Class MJ permit, make sure you read about supervised practice driving hours required by law that must be certified by your parent or guardian.

*Road Test Offer
  • Road Test Car Rental
  • 1 Driving Lesson
  • 1 Road Test Booking

*Price may vary depending on selected Road Test Area


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