Gigliotti's is going on 60 years of service to Central New York. We strive to deliver premium quality driver training and education to our community. This year alone there will be over 3 million new teenage drivers on the road. This is often their first experience with real world responsibility. Driving is a complex world of social interaction and legal structure mixed with the laws of physics. This along with the need to make rapid and correct decisions makes success on the highway a difficult activity for anyone. Our programs emphasize driver safety, driver responsibility and driver commitment. More than likely you have friends, relatives, or family members who were trained by Gigliotti's. Our goal is to educate, enhance and equip drivers with the knowledge to become defensive drivers, and to recognize the life long consequences of their driving behavior.

Our seniors are a large part of our community, and we always enjoy helping them refresh their skills, develop new ones or assist their families in convincing their loved ones to keep driving to a minimum.

Our teaching techniques are one of a kind. We instill defensive driving techniques through constant awareness of your surroundings, so you can react quickly and appropriately. This mixture works well with our ever-changing driving scene. While road rage is on an increase yearly, the student must be aware that their emotions play a big part in everyday driving and how this may affect their driving.

We make parallel parking and three point turns simple. A road test is a big part of everyone's life; we try to make it a little simpler by setting the appointment up for our students and accompanying them the day of the test. Our success rate has been high, and the students are always proud of their accomplishments.

With our partnership with Notre Dame High School's Driver Education Program, all students are now invited, no matter where they attend high school. There are Spring, Summer, and Fall courses offered. Upon completion the student will receive a MV-285, which gives the student an insurance discount and a course completion certificate that enables senior driver privileges at age 17.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a driving lesson?

Lessons can be scheduled by calling our office at 732-5049 for an appointment. Lessons can be scheduled Mondays - Saturdays.

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